MailChimp Configurations

MailChimp Configurations

To setup MailChimp with Splash Access please follow the instruction below :

1. Log into your MailChimp Account .
2. Navigate to the Account settings (From Down from top right Account Name)
3. Click Extras and API Keys from the dropdown .
4. Create a new Key or use the key presented .
5. Enter the Key into the Splash Access Account Under Duration Timer and the Mailchimp Dropdown
6. Navigate to your list in Mail chimp .
7. Click on settings and copy your ListID Example. 7eb8888145 (Do not copy the dot at the end)
8. Navigate to Access Poit Locations in Splash Access
9. Enter your Mac Address of all your AP’s and enter the ListID per Access Point .
10. You can add multiple List and define them to Access Point Mac if required to segment the data .

Please note that only users whom tick the Marketing opt in box will be pushed into MailChimp.

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